PyMeasure was started in 2013 by Colin Jermain and Graham Rowlands at Cornell University, when it became apparent that both were working on similar Python packages for scientific measurements. PyMeasure combined these efforts and continues to gain valuable contributions from other scientists who are interested in advancing measurement software.

The following developers have contributed to the PyMeasure package:

Colin Jermain
Graham Rowlands
Minh-Hai Nguyen
Guen Prawiro-Atmodjo
Tim van Boxtel
Davide Spirito
Marcos Guimaraes
Ghislain Antony Vaillant
Ben Feinstein
Neal Reynolds
Christoph Buchner
Julian Dlugosch
Vikram Sekar
Casper Schippers
Sumatran Tiger
Dennis Feng
Stefano Pirotta
Moritz Jung
Manuel Zahn
Dominik Kriegner
Jonathan Larochelle
Dominic Caron
Mathieu Plante
Michele Sardo
Steven Siegl
Benjamin Klebel-Knobloch