Version 0.14.0 (2024-05-22)

Main items of this new release:

  • Add support for numpy 2.0

  • Add support for python 3.12

  • Improve academic quotability with an up to date Zenodo DOI and with citation information.

  • Add default queue method and a FileInputWidget, allowing to more quickly get started with the PyMeasure user interface (ManagedWindow).

  • Add a SCPIMixin base class for instruments instead of defining includeSCPI=True

  • Instrument manufacturer modules are no longer imported in the pymeasure/instruments/ file. Previously, when importing a single instrument into a procedure, all instruments would be imported into memory through the manufacturer modules in pymeasure/instruments/ Removing manufacturer modules from that file lowers the memory footprint of pymeasure when importing an instrument. Instrument classes will need to be imported from the manufacturer module or explicitly from the instrument driver file. For example, from pymeasure.instruments import Extreme5000 will need to change to from pymeasure.instruments.extreme import Extreme5000 or from pymeasure.instruments.extreme.extreme5000 import Extreme5000.

  • 17 new instruments

Deprecated features

  • Remove TelnetAdapter, as its library is deprecated (@BenediktBurger, #1045)

  • Replaced directory_input keyword-argument of ManagedWindowBase by enable_file_input (@CasperSchippers, #964)

  • Make parameter includeSCPI obligatory for all instruments, even those which use SCPI (@BenediktBurger, #1007)

  • Setting includeSCPI=True is deprecated, inherit instead the SCPIMixin class if the device supports SCPI commands.

  • Replaced celcius attribute of LakeShoreTemperatureChannel by celsius (@afuetterer, #1003)

  • Replaced error property of Keithley instruments by next_error.

  • Replaced measurement_time property of Pendulum CNT-91 by gate_time.

  • Replaced sample_rate keyword-argument of buffer_frequency_time_series of Pendulum CNT-91 by gate_time.

  • Replaced MKS937B unit to use instruments/mksinst/mks937b/Unit instead of strings (@dkriegner, @BenediktBurger #1034)

Instruments mechanics

  • Add a SCPI base class SCPIMixin as replacement for includeSCPI=True (@BenediktBurger, #905, #1007, #1019, #1047)

  • Add next_error property to SCPI instruments (@BenediktBurger, #1024)

  • Make query_delay=None the default for wait_for (@BenediktBurger, #1077)

  • Fix expected_protocol using empty dictionary as default value (@BenediktBurger, #1087)

  • Remove auto-importing all instruments in pymeasure/instruments/` (@mcdo0486, #919)

  • Add find_serial_port to find a serial port by providing USB information (@BenediktBurger, #982)


  • Add Agilent4294A (@driftregion, #998)

  • Add Agilent 4284A by (@ConnorGCarr #1079)

  • Add AimTTI PL series power supplies (@guuskuiper, #942)

  • Add HP11713A Switch & Attenuator Driver (@neuschs, #970)

  • Add HP437B power meter (@neuschs, #979)

  • Add Inficon SQM160 SQM-160 multi-film rate/thickness monitor (@dkriegner, #991)

  • Add Keithley 2182 (@ConnorGCarr, #1043)

  • Add KeithleyDMM6500 (@fwutw, #963)

  • Add Kepco BOP 36-12 Bipolar Power Supply (@JAW90, #1086)

  • Add KeysightE3631A (@OptimisticBeliever, #990)

  • Add Kuhne Electronic KU SG 2.45 250A microwave generator (@jurajjasik, @BenediktBurger, @1108)

  • Add MKS 974B vacuum pressure transducer (@dkriegner, #1034)

  • Add Proterial rod4 (@ConnorGCarr, #1044)

  • Add Racal-Dana 1992 universal counter (@tomverbeure, #798, #1012)

  • Add redpitaya board (@seb5g, #1010, #1035)

  • Add Teledyne HDO6xxx (@RobertoRoos, #868)

  • Add Yokogawa AQ6370D Optical Spectral Analyzer (@jnnskls, #1059)

  • Fix property docstrings of several instruments (@BenediktBurger, #1018)

  • Fix checksums of hcp TC038D tests (@BenediktBurger, #987)

  • Fix Hp8116a (@BenediktBurger, #1088)

  • Fix Hp856x to append amplitude units (@neuschs, #977)

  • Fix Keysight E36312A confirmed SCPI functionality (@Konradrundfunk, #1107)

  • Fix Stanford Research SR830 output conversion (@dkriegner, #1069)

  • Fix SR830 missing get_buffer method (@seb5g, #999)

  • Fix set command of SR860 aux output (@wehlgrundspitze, #1048)

  • Fix Temptronic test to use ns perf counter (@BenediktBurger, #1109, #1110)

  • Fix Toptica Ibeamsmart referencing removed adapter function (@BenediktBurger, #1065)

  • Fix typos in docstrings for Keithley instruments (@V0XNIHILI, #1071)

  • Link Keysight, Agilent, and HP documentation pages. (@BenediktBurger, #1021)

  • Update Agilent33500 Series from .ch[] to .channels[] (@AlecVercruysse, #945)

  • Update AWG401x driver to use ‘channels’ (@mcdo0486, #944)

  • Update HP33120A with new burst modulation parameters (@mzen228, #1056)

  • Update HP34401A with new remote control command. (@Rybok, #992)

  • Update Keithleys’ next_error (@msmttchr, #1030)

  • Update pendulum CNT-91 (@bleykauf, #988)


  • Add a FileInputWidget to choose if and where the experiment data is stored. (@CasperSchippers, #964)

  • Add a default Queue method for ManagedWindowBase is implemented. (@CasperSchippers, #964)

  • Fix ScientificInput to be locale compatible (@pyZerrenner, #1074)

  • Fix exception if loading result file with an empty parameter (@poje42, #1016)


  • Add support for python 3.12 (@BenediktBurger, #1051)

  • Add support for numpy 2.0 (@CasperSchippers, #1026)

  • Add codecov to CI and to readme (@BenediktBurger, #1037, #1052, #1099)

  • Add citation file for PyMeasure repository (@mcdo0486, #1092)

  • Add release CI (@BenediktBurger, #1039)

  • Update readme with permanent Zenodo DOI (@BenediktBurger, #1095)

  • Bump CI dependencies to: pyvisa 1.13.0, checkout@v4 (@mcdo0486, #1097)

  • Fix/pandas futurewarning (@CasperSchippers, #1062)

  • Change copyright year. (@BenediktBurger, #1032)

  • Fix typos (@afuetterer, #1003)

New Contributors

@guuskuiper, @OptimisticBeliever, @fwutw, @afuetterer, @poje42, @Rybok, @AlecVercruysse, @ConnorGCarr, @mzen228, @jnnskls, @V0XNIHILI, @pyZerrenner, @JAW90, @driftregion, @jurajjasik, @Konradrundfunk

Full Changelog:…v0.14.0

Version 0.13.1 (2023-10-05)

New release to fix ineffective python version restriction in the project metadata (only affected Python<=3.7 environments installing via pip).

Version 0.13.0 (2023-09-23)

Main items of this new release:

  • Dropped support for Python 3.7, added support for Python 3.11.

  • Adds a test generator, which observes the communication with an actual device and writes protocol tests accordingly.

  • 2 new instrument drivers have been added.

Deprecated features

  • Attocube ANC300: The stepu and stepd properties are deprecated, use the new move_raw method instead. (@dkriegner, #938)


  • Adds a test generator (@bmoneke, #882)

  • Adds Thyracont Smartline v2 vacuum sensor transmitter (@bmoneke, #940)

  • Adds Thyracont Smartline v1 vacuum gauge (@dkriegner, #937)

  • AddsTeledyne base classes with most of LeCroyT3DSO1204 functionality (@RobertoRoos, #951)

  • Fixes instrument documentation (@mcdo0486, #941, #903, @omahs, #960)

  • Fixes Toptica Ibeamsmart’s __init__ (@waveman68, #959)

  • Fixes VISAAdapter flush_read_buffer() (@ileu, #968)

  • Updates Keithley2306 and AFG3152C to Channels (@bilderbuchi, #953)


  • Adds console mode (@msmttchr, #500)

  • Fixes Dock widget (@msmttchr, #961)


  • Change CI from conda to mamba (@bmoneke, #947)

  • Add support for python 3.11 (@CasperSchippers, #896)

New Contributors

@waveman68, @omahs, @ileu

Full Changelog:…v0.13.0

Version 0.12.0 (2023-07-05)

Main items of this new release:

  • A Channel base class has been added for easier implementation of instruments with channels.

  • 19 new instrument drivers have been added.

  • Added tests for some commonalities across all instruments.

  • We continue to clean up our API in preparation for a future version 1.0. Deprecations and subsequent removals are listed below.

Deprecated features

  • HP 34401A: voltage_ac, current_dc, current_ac, resistance, resistance_4w properties, use function_ and reading properties instead.

  • Toptica IBeamSmart: channel1_enabled, use ch_1.enabled property instead (equivalent for channel2). Also laser_enabled is deprecated in favor of emission (@bmoneke, #819).

  • TelnetAdapter: use VISAAdapter instead. VISA supports TCPIP connections. Use the resource_name TCPIP[board]::<hostname>::<port>::SOCKET to connect to a server (@Max-Herbold, #835).

  • Attocube ANC300: host argument, pass a resource string or adapter as Adapter passed to Instrument. Now communicates through the VISAAdapter rather than deprecated TelnetAdapter. The initializer now accepts name as its second keyword argument so all previous initialization positional arguments (axisnames, passwd, query_delay) should be switched to keyword arguments.

  • The property creators control, measurement, and setting do not accept arbitrary keyword arguments anymore. Use the v_kwargs parameter for arguments you want to pass on to values method, instead.

  • The property creators control, measurement, and setting do not accept command_process anymore. Use a dynamic property or a Channel instead, as appropriate (@bmoneke, #878).

  • See also the next section.

New adapter and instrument mechanics

  • All instrument constructors are required to accept a name argument.

  • Changed: read_bytes of all Adapters by default does not stop reading on a termination character, unless the new argument break_on_termchar is set to True.

  • Channel class added. Instrument.channels and Instrument.ch_X (X is any channel name) are reserved attributes for channel mechanics.

  • The parameters check_get_errors and check_set_errors enable calling methods of the same name. This enables more systematically dealing with instruments that acknowledge every “set” command.

  • Adds Channel feature to instruments (@bmoneke, mcdo0486, #718, #761, #852, #931)

  • Adds maxsplit parameter to values method (@bmoneke, #793)

  • Adds (deprecated) global preprocess reply for backward compatibility (@bmoneke, #876)

  • Adds fallback version for discarding the read buffer to VISAAdapter (@dkriegner, #836)

  • Adds flush_read_buffer to SerialAdapter (@RobertoRoos, #865)

  • Adds gpib_read_timeout to PrologixAdapter (@neuschs, #927)

  • Adds command line option to pass resource address for instrument tests (@bleykauf, #789)

  • Adds “find all instruments” and channels for testing (@bmoneke, #909, @mcdo0486, #911, #912)

  • Adds test that an instrument hands kwargs to the adapter (@bmoneke, #814)

  • Adds property docstring check (@bmoneke, #895)

  • Improves property factories’ docstrings (@bmoneke, #843)

  • Improves property factories: do not allow undefined kwargs (@bmoneke, #856)

  • Improves property factories: check_set/get_errors argument to call methods of the same name (@bmoneke, #883)

  • Improves read_bytes of Adapter (@bmoneke, #839)

  • Improves the ProtocolAdapter with a mock connection (@bmoneke, #782), and enable it to have empty messages in the protocol (@bmoneke, #818)

  • Improves Prologix adapter documentation (@bmoneke, #813) and configurable settings (@bmoneke, #845)

  • Improves behavior of read_bytes(-1) for SerialAdapter (@RobertoRoos, #866)

  • Improves all instruments with name kwarg (@bmoneke, #877)

  • Improves VisaAdapter: close manager only when using pyvisa-sim (@dkriegner, #900)

  • Harmonises instrument name definition pattern, consistently name the instrument connection argument “adapter” (@bmoneke, #659)

  • Fixes ProtocolAdapter has list in signature (@bmoneke, #901)

  • Fixes VISAAdapter’s read_bytes (@bmoneke, #867)

  • Fixes query_delay usage in VISAAdapter (@bmoneke, #765)

  • Fixes VisaAdapter: close resource manager only when using pyvisa-sim (@dkriegner, #900)


  • New Advantest R624X DC Voltage/Current Sources/Monitors (@wichers, #802)

  • New AJA International DC sputtering power supply (@dkriegner, #778)

  • New Anritus MS2090A (@aruznieto, #787)

  • New Anritsu MS4644B (@CasperSchippers, #827)

  • New DSP 7225 and new DSPBase instrument (@mcdo0486, #902)

  • New HP 8560A / 8561B Spectrum Analyzer (@neuschs, #888)

  • New IPG Photonics YAR Amplifier series (@bmoneke, #851)

  • New Keysight E36312A power supply (@scandey, #785)

  • New Keithley 2200 power supply (@ashokbruno, #806)

  • New Lake Shore 211 Temperature Monitor (@mcdo0486, #889)

  • New Lake Shore 224 and improves Lakeshore instruments (@samcondon4, #870)

  • New MKS Instruments 937B vacuum gauge controller (@dkriegner, @bilderbuchi, #637, #772, #936)

  • New Novanta FPU60 laser power supply unit (@bmoneke, #885)

  • New TDK Lambda Genesys 80-65 DC and 40-38 DC power supplies (@mcdo0486, 906)

  • New Teledyne T3AFG waveform generator instrument (@scandey, #791)

  • New Teledyne (LeCroy) T3DSO1204 Oscilloscope (@LastStartDust, #697, @bilderbuchi, #770)

  • New T&C Power Conversion RF power supply (@dkriegner, #800)

  • New Velleman K8090 relay device (@RobertoRoos, #859)

  • Improves Agilent 33500 with the new channel feature (@JCarl-OS, #763, #773)

  • Improves HP 3478A with calibration data related functions (@tomverbeure, #777)

  • Improves HP 34401A (@CodingMarco, #810)

  • Improves the Oxford instruments with the new channel feature (@bmoneke, #844)

  • Improves Siglent SPDxxxxX with the new channel feature (@AidenDawn 758)

  • Improves Teledyne T3DSO1204 device tests (@LastStarDust, #841)

  • Fixes Ametek DSP 7270 lockin amplifier issues (@seb5g, #897)

  • Fixes DSP 7265 erroneously using preprocess_reply (@mcdo0486, #873)

  • Fixes print statement in DSPBase.sensitivity (@mcdo0486, #915)

  • Fixes Fluke bath commands (@bmoneke, #874)

  • Fixes a frequency limitation in HP 8657B (@LongnoseRob, #769)

  • Fixes Keithley 2600 channel calling parent’s shutdown (@mcdo0486, #795)


  • Adds tolerance for opening result files with missing parameters (@msmttchr, #780)

  • Validate DATA_COLUMNS entries earlier, avoid exceptions in a running procedure (@mcdo0486, #796, #934)


  • Adds docking windows (@mcdo0486, #722, #762)

  • Adds save plot settings in addition to dock layout (@mcdo0486, #850)

  • Adds log widget colouring and format option (@CasperSchippers, #890)

  • Adds table widget (@msmttchr, #771)

  • New sequencer architecture: decouples it from the graphical tree, adapts it for further expansions (@msmttchr, #518)

  • Moves coordinates label to the pyqtgraph PlotItem (@CasperSchippers, #822)

  • Fixes crashing ImageWidget at new measurement (@CasperSchippers, #790)

  • Fixes checkboxes not working for groups in inputs-widget (@CasperSchippers, #794)


  • Adds a collection of solutions for instrument implementation challenges (@bmoneke, #853, #861)

  • Updates Tutorials/Making_a_measurement/ example_codes (@sansanda, #749)

New Contributors

@JCarl-OS, @aruznieto, @scandey, @tomverbeure, @wichers, @Max-Herbold, @RobertoRoos

Full Changelog:…v0.12.0

Version 0.11.1 (2022-12-31)

Adapter and instrument mechanics

  • Fix broken PrologixAdapter.gpib. Due to a bug in VISAAdapter, you could not get a second adapter with that connection (#765).

Full Changelog:…v0.11.1

Dependency updates

  • Required version of PyQtGraph is increased from pyqtgraph >= 0.9.10 to pyqtgraph >= 0.12 to support new PyMeasure display widgets.


  • Added ManagedDockWindow to allow multiple dockable plots (@mcdo0486, @CasperSchippers, #722)

  • Move coordinates label to the pyqtgraph PlotItem (@CasperSchippers, #822)

  • New sequencer architecture (@msmttchr, @CasperSchippers, @mcdo0486, #518)

  • Added “Save Dock Layout” functionality to DockWidget context menu. (@mcdo0486, #762)

Version 0.11.0 (2022-11-19)

Main items of this new release:

  • 11 new instrument drivers have been added

  • A method for testing instrument communication without hardware present has been added, see the documentation.

  • The separation between Instrument and Adapter has been improved to make future modifications easier. Adapters now focus on the hardware communication, and the communication protocol should be defined in the Instruments. Details in a section below.

  • The GUI is now compatible with Qt6.

  • We have started to clean up our API in preparation for a future version 1.0. There will be deprecations and subsequent removals, which will be prominently listed in the changelog.

Deprecated features

In preparation for a stable 1.0 release and a more consistent API, we have now started formally deprecating some features. You should get warnings if those features are used.

  • Adapter methods ask, values, binary_values, use Instrument methods of the same name instead.

  • Adapter parameter preprocess_reply, override instead.

  • Adapter.query_delay in favor of Instrument.wait_for().

  • Keithley 2260B: enabled property, use output_enabled instead.

New adapter and instrument mechanics

  • Nothing should have changed for users, this section is mainly interesting for instrument implementors.

  • Documentation in ‘Advanced communication protocols’ in ‘Adding instruments’.

  • Adapter logs written and read messages.

  • Particular adapters (VISAAdapter etc.) implement the actual communication.

  • Instrument.control getter calls Instrument.values.

  • Instrument.values calls Instrument.ask, which calls Instrument.write, wait_for, and read.

  • All protocol quirks of an instrument should be implemented overriding Instrument.write and read.

  • Instrument.wait_until_read implements waiting between writing and reading.

  • reading/writing binary values is in the Adapter class itself.

  • PrologixAdapter is now based on VISAAdapter.

  • SerialAdapter improved to be more similar to VISAAdapter: read/write use strings, read/write_bytes bytes. - Support for termination characters added.


  • New Active Technologies AWG-401x (@garzetti, #649)

  • New Eurotest hpp_120_256_ieee (@sansanda, #701)

  • New HC Photonics crystal ovens TC038, TC038D (@bmoneke, #621, #706)

  • New HP 6632A/6633A/6634A power supplies (@LongnoseRob, #651)

  • New HP 8657B RF signal generator (@LongnoseRob, #732)

  • New Rohde&Schwarz HMP4040 power supply. (@bleykauf, #582)

  • New Siglent SPDxxxxX series Power Supplies (@AidenDawn, #719)

  • New Temptronic Thermostream devices (@mroeleke, #368)

  • New TEXIO PSW-360L30 Power Supply (@LastStarDust, #698)

  • New Thermostream ECO-560 (@AidenDawn, #679)

  • New Thermotron 3800 Oven (@jcarbelbide, #606)

  • Harmonize instruments’ adapter argument (@bmoneke, #674)

  • Harmonize usage of shutdown method (@LongnoseRob, #739)

  • Rework Adapter structure (@bmoneke, #660)

  • Add Protocol tests without hardware present (@bilderbuchi, #634, @bmoneke, #628, #635)

  • Add Instruments and adapter protocol tests for adapter rework (@bmoneke, #665)

  • Add SR830 sync filter and reference source trigger (@AsafYagoda, #630)

  • Add Keithley6221 phase marker phase and line (@AsafYagoda, #629)

  • Add missing docstrings to Keithley 2306 battery simulator (@AidenDawn, #720)

  • Fix hcp instruments documentation (@bmoneke, #671)

  • Fix HPLegacyInstrument initializer API (@bilderbuchi, #684)

  • Fix Fwbell 5080 implementation (@mcdo0486, #714)

  • Fix broken documentation example. (@bmoneke, #738)

  • Fix typo in Keithley 2600 driver (@mcdo0486, #615)

  • Remove dynamic use of docstring from ATS545 and make more generic (@AidenDawn, #685)


  • Add storing unitful experiment results (@bmoneke, #642)

  • Add storing conditions in file (@CasperSchippers, #503)


  • Add compatibility with Qt 6 (@CasperSchippers, #688)

  • Add spinbox functionality for IntegerParameter and FloatParameter (@jarvas24, #656)

  • Add “delete data file” button to the browser_item_menu (@jarvas24, #654)

  • Split into a folder with separate modules (@mcdo0486, #593)

  • Remove dependency on matplotlib (@msmttchr, #622)

  • Remove deprecated access to QtWidgets through QtGui (@maederan201, #695)


  • Update and extend documentation (@bilderbuchi, #712, @bmoneke, #655)

  • Add PEP517 compatibility & dynamically obtaining a version number (@bilderbuchi, #613)

  • Add an example and documentation regarding using a foreign instrument (@bmoneke, #647)

  • Add black configuration (@bleykauf, #683)

  • Remove VISAAdapter.has_supported_version() as it is not needed anymore.

New Contributors

@jcarbelbide, @mroeleke, @bmoneke, @garzetti, @AsafYagoda, @AidenDawn, @LastStarDust, @sansanda

Full Changelog:…v0.11.0

Version 0.10.0 (2022-04-09)

Main items of this new release:

  • 23 new instrument drivers have been added

  • New dynamic Instrument properties can change their parameters at runtime

  • Communication settings can now be flexibly defined per protocol

  • Python 3.10 support was added and Python 3.6 support was removed.

  • Many additions, improvements and have been merged


  • New Agilent B1500 Data Formats and Documentation (@moritzj29)

  • New Anaheim Automation stepper motor controllers (@samcondon4)

  • New Andeen Hagerling capacitance bridges (@dkriegner)

  • New Anritsu MS9740A Optical Spectrum Analyzer (@md12g12)

  • New BK Precision 9130B Instrument (@dennisfeng2)

  • New Edwards nXDS (10i) Vacuum Pump (@hududed)

  • New Fluke 7341 temperature bath instrument (@msmttchr)

  • New Heidenhain ND287 Position Display Unit Driver (@samcondon4)

  • New HP 3478A (@LongnoseRob)

  • New HP 8116A 50 MHz Pulse/Function Generator (@CodingMarco)

  • New Keithley 2260B DC Power Supply (@bklebel)

  • New Keithley 2306 Dual Channel Battery/Charger Simulator (@mfikes)

  • New Keithley 2600 SourceMeter series (@Daivesd)

  • New Keysight N7776C Swept Laser Source (@maederan201)

  • New Lakeshore 421 (@CasperSchippers)

  • New Oxford IPS120-10 (@CasperSchippers)

  • New Pendulum CNT-91 frequency counter (@bleykauf)

  • New Rohde&Schwarz - SFM TV test transmitter (@LongnoseRob)

  • New Rohde&Schwarz FSL spectrum analyzer (@bleykauf)

  • New SR570 current amplifier driver (@pyMatJ)

  • New Stanford Research Systems SR510 instrument driver (@samcondon4)

  • New Toptica Smart Laser diode (@dkriegner)

  • New Yokogawa GS200 Instrument (@dennisfeng2)

  • Add output low grounded property to Keithley 6221 (@CasperSchippers)

  • Add shutdown function for Keithley 2260B (@bklebel)

  • Add phase control for Agilent 33500 (@corna)

  • Add assigning “ONCE” to auto_zero to Keithley 2400 (@mfikes)

  • Add line frequency controls to Keithley 2400 (@mfikes)

  • Add LIA and ERR status byte read properties to the SRS Sr830 driver (@samcondon4)

  • Add all commands to Oxford Intelligent Temperature Controller 503 (@CasperSchippers)

  • Fix DSP 7265 lockin amplifier (@CasperSchippers)

  • Fix bug in Keithley 6517B Electrometer (@CasperSchippers)

  • Fix Keithley2000 deprecated call to visa.config (@bklebel)

  • Fix bug in the Keithley 2700 (@CasperSchippers)

  • Fix setting of sensor flags for Thorlabs PM100D (@bleykauf)

  • Fix SCPI used for Keithley 2400 voltage NPLC (@mfikes)

  • Fix missing return statements in Tektronix AFG3152C (@bleykauf)

  • Fix DPSeriesMotorController bug (@samcondon4)

  • Fix Keithley2600 error when retrieving error code (@bicarlsen)

  • Fix Attocube ANC300 with new SCPI Instrument properties (@dkriegner)

  • Fix bug in wait_for_trigger of Agilent33220A (neal-kepler)


  • Add time-estimator widget (@CasperSchippers)

  • Add management of progress bar (@msmttchr)

  • Remove broken errorbar feature (@CasperSchippers)

  • Change of pen width for pyqtgraph (@maederan201)

  • Make linewidth changeable (@CasperSchippers)

  • Generalise warning in plotter section (@CasperSchippers)

  • Implement visibility groups in InputsWidgets (@CasperSchippers)

  • Modify navigation of ManagedWindow directory widget (@jarvas24)

  • Improve Placeholder logic (@CasperSchippers)

  • Breakout widgets into separate modules (@mcdo0486)

  • Fix setSizePolicy bug with PySide2 (@msmttchr)

  • Fix managed window (@msmttchr)

  • Fix ListParameter for numbers (@moritzj29)

  • Fix incorrect columns on showing data (@CasperSchippers)

  • Fix procedure property issue (@msmttchr)

  • Fix pyside2 (@msmttchr)


  • Improve SCPI property support (@msmttchr)

  • Remove broken safeKeyword management (@msmttchr)

  • Add dynamic property support (@msmttchr)

  • Add flexible API for defining connection configuration (@bilderbuchi)

  • Add write_binary_values() to SerialAdapter (@msmttchr)

  • Change an outdated pyvisa ask() to query() (@LongnoseRob)

  • Fix ZMQ bug (@bilderbuchi)

  • Documentation for passing tuples to control property (@bklebel)

  • Documentation bugfix (@CasperSchippers)

  • Fixed broken links in documentation. (@samcondon4)

  • Updated widget documentation (@mcdo0486)

  • Fix typo SCIP->SCPI (@mfikes)

  • Remove Python 3.6, add Python 3.10 testing (@bilderbuchi)

  • Modernise the code base to use Python 3.7 features (@bilderbuchi)

  • Added image data generation to Mock Instrument class (@samcondon4)

  • Add autodoc warnings to the problem matcher (@bilderbuchi)

  • Update CI & annotations (@bilderbuchi)

  • Test workers (@mcdo0486)

  • Change copyright date to 2022 (@LongnoseRob)

  • Removed unused code (@msmttchr)

New Contributors

@LongnoseRob, @neal, @hududed, @corna, @Daivesd, @samcondon4, @maederan201, @bleykauf, @mfikes, @bicarlsen, @md12g12, @CodingMarco, @jarvas24, @mcdo0486!

Full Changelog:…v0.10.0

Version 0.9 – released 2/7/21

  • PyMeasure is now officially at

  • Python 3.9 is now supported, Python 3.5 removed due to EOL

  • Move to GitHub Actions from TravisCI and Appveyor for CI (@bilderbuchi)

  • New additions to Oxford Instruments ITC 503 (@CasperSchippers)

  • New Agilent 34450A and Keysight DSOX1102G instruments (@theMashUp, @jlarochelle)

  • Improvements to NI VirtualBench (@moritzj29)

  • New Agilent B1500 instrument (@moritzj29)

  • New Keithley 6517B instrument (@wehlgrundspitze)

  • Major improvements to PyVISA compatbility (@bilderbuchi, @msmttchr, @CasperSchippers, @cjermain)

  • New Anapico APSIN12G instrument (@StePhanino)

  • Improvements to Thorelabs Pro 8000 and SR830 (@Mike-HubGit)

  • New SR860 instrument (@StevenSiegl, @bklebel)

  • Fix to escape sequences (@tirkarthi)

  • New directory input for ManagedWindow (@paulgoulain)

  • New TelnetAdapter and Attocube ANC300 Piezo controller (@dkriegner)

  • New Agilent 34450A (@theMashUp)

  • New Razorbill RP100 strain cell controller (@pheowl)

  • Fixes to precision and default value of ScientificInput and FloatParameter (@moritzj29)

  • Fixes for Keithly 2400 and 2450 controls (@pyMatJ)

  • Improvments to Inputs and open_file_externally (@msmttchr)

  • Fixes to Agilent 8722ES (@alexmcnabb)

  • Fixes to QThread cleanup (@neal-kepler, @msmttchr)

  • Fixes to Keyboard interrupt, and parameters (@CasperSchippers)

Version 0.8 – released 3/29/19

  • Python 3.8 is now supported

  • New Measurement Sequencer allows for running over a large parameter space (@CasperSchippers)

  • New image plotting feature for live image measurements (@jmittelstaedt)

  • Improvements to VISA adapter (@moritzj29)

  • Added Tektronix AFG 3000, Keithley 2750 (@StePhanino, @dennisfeng2)

  • Documentation improvements (@mivade)

  • Fix to ScientificInput for float strings (@moritzj29)

  • New validator: strict_discrete_range (@moritzj29)

  • Improvements to Recorder thread joining

  • Migrating the ReadtheDocs configuration to version 2

  • National Instruments Virtual Bench initial support (@moritzj29)

Version 0.7 – released 8/4/19

  • Dropped support for Python 3.4, adding support for Python 3.7

  • Significant improvements to CI, dependencies, and conda environment (@bilderbuchi, @cjermain)

  • Fix for PyQT issue in ResultsDialog (@CasperSchippers)

  • Fix for wire validator in Keithley 2400 (@Fattotora)

  • Addition of source_enabled control for Keithley 2400 (@dennisfeng2)

  • Time constant fix and input controls for SR830 (@dennisfeng2)

  • Added Keithley 2450 and Agilent 33521A (@hlgirard, @Endever42)

  • Proper escaping support in CSV headers (@feph)

  • Minor updates (@dvase)

Version 0.6.1 – released 4/21/19

  • Added Elektronica SM70-45D, Agilent 33220A, and Keysight N5767A instruments (@CasperSchippers, @sumatrae)

  • Fixes for Prologix adapter and Keithley 2400 (@hlgirard, @ronan-sensome)

  • Improved support for SRS SR830 (@CasperSchippers)

Version 0.6 – released 1/14/19

  • New VXI11 Adapter for ethernet instruments (@chweiser)

  • PyQt updates to 5.6.0

  • Added SRS SG380, Ametek 7270, Agilent 4156, HP 34401A, Advantest R3767CG, and Oxford ITC503 instrustruments (@sylkar, @jmittelstaedt, @vik-s, @troylf, @CasperSchippers)

  • Updates to Keithley 2000, Agilent 8257D, ESP 300, and Keithley 2400 instruments (@watersjason, @jmittelstaedt, @nup002)

  • Various minor bug fixes (@thosou)

Version 0.5.1 – released 4/14/18

  • Minor versions of PyVISA are now properly handled

  • Documentation improvements (@Laogeodritt and @ederag)

  • Instruments now have set_process capability (@bilderbuchi)

  • Plotter now uses threads (@dvspirito)

  • Display inputs and PlotItem improvements (@Laogeodritt)

Version 0.5 – released 10/18/17

  • Threads are used by default, eliminating multiprocessing issues with spawn

  • Enhanced unit tests for threading

  • Sphinx Doctests are added to the documentation (@bilderbuchi)

  • Improvements to documentation (@JuMaD)

Version 0.4.6 – released 8/12/17

  • Reverted multiprocessing start method keyword arguments to fix Unix spawn issues (@ndr37)

  • Fixes to regressions in Results writing (@feinsteinben)

  • Fixes to TCP support using cloudpickle (@feinsteinben)

  • Restructing of unit test framework

Version 0.4.5 – released 7/4/17

  • Recorder and Scribe now leverage QueueListener (@feinsteinben)

  • PrologixAdapter and SerialAdapter now handle Serial objects as adapters (@feinsteinben)

  • Optional TCP support now uses cloudpickle for serialization (@feinsteinben)

  • Significant PEP8 review and bug fixes (@feinsteinben)

  • Includes docs in the code distribution (@ghisvail)

  • Continuous integration support for Python 3.6 (@feinsteinben)

Version 0.4.4 – released 6/4/17

  • Fix pip install for non-wheel builds

  • Update to Agilent E4980 (@dvspirito)

  • Minor fixes for docs, tests, and formatting (@ghisvail, @feinsteinben)

Version 0.4.3 – released 3/30/17

  • Added Agilent E4980, AMI 430, Agilent 34410A, Thorlabs PM100, and Anritsu MS9710C instruments (@TvBMcMaster, @dvspirito, and @mhdg)

  • Updates to PyVISA support (@minhhaiphys)

  • Initial work on resource manager (@dvspirito)

  • Fixes for Prologix adapter that allow read-write delays (@TvBMcMaster)

  • Fixes for conda environment on continuous integration

Version 0.4.2 – released 8/23/16

  • New instructions for installing with Anaconda and conda-forge package (thanks @melund!)

  • Bug-fixes to the Keithley 2000, SR830, and Agilent E4408B

  • Re-introduced the Newport ESP300 motion controller

  • Major update to the Keithely 2400, 2000 and Yokogawa 7651 to achieve a common interface

  • New command-string processing hooks for Instrument property functions

  • Updated LakeShore 331 temperature controller with new features

  • Updates to the Agilent 8257D signal generator for better feature exposure

Version 0.4.1 – released 7/31/16

  • Critical fix in for importing instruments (also added to documentation)

Version 0.4 – released 7/29/16

  • Replaced Instrument add_measurement and add_control with measurement and control functions

  • Added validators to allow Instrument.control to match restricted ranges

  • Added mapping to Instrument.control to allow more flexible inputs

  • Conda is now used to set up the Python environment

  • macOS testing in continuous integration

  • Major updates to the documentation

Version 0.3 – released 4/8/16

  • Added IPython (Jupyter) notebook support with significant features

  • Updated set of example scripts and notebooks

  • New PyMeasure logo released

  • Removed support for Python <3.4

  • Changed multiprocessing to use spawn for compatibility

  • Significant work on the documentation

  • Added initial tests for non-instrument code

  • Continuous integration setup for Linux and Windows

Version 0.2 – released 12/16/15

  • Python 3 compatibility, removed support for Python 2

  • Considerable renaming for better PEP8 compliance

  • Added MIT License

  • Major restructuring of the package to break it into smaller modules

  • Major rewrite of display functionality, introducing new Qt objects for easy extensions

  • Major rewrite of procedure execution, now using a Worker process which takes advantage of multi-core CPUs

  • Addition of a number of examples

  • New methods for listening to Procedures, introducing ZMQ for TCP connectivity

  • Updates to Keithley2400 and VISAAdapter

Version 0.1.6 – released 4/19/15

  • Renamed the package to PyMeasure from Automate to be more descriptive about its purpose

  • Addition of VectorParameter to allow vectors to be input for Procedures

  • Minor fixes for the Results and Danfysik8500

Version 0.1.5 – release 10/22/14

  • New Manager class for handling Procedures in a queue fashion

  • New Browser that works in tandem with the Manager to display the queue

  • Bug fixes for Results loading

Version 0.1.4 – released 8/2/14

  • Integrated Results class into display and file writing

  • Bug fixes for Listener classes

  • Bug fixes for SR830

Version 0.1.3 – released 7/20/14

  • Replaced logging system with Python logging package

  • Added data management (Results) and bug fixes for Procedures and Parameters

  • Added pandas v0.14 to requirements for data management

  • Added data listeners, Qt4 and PyQtGraph helpers

Version 0.1.2 – released 7/18/14

  • Bug fixes to LakeShore 425

  • Added new Procedure and Parameter classes for generic experiments

  • Added version number in package

Version 0.1.1 – released 7/16/14

  • Bug fixes to PrologixAdapter, VISAAdapter, Agilent 8722ES, Agilent 8257D, Stanford SR830, Danfysik8500

  • Added Tektronix TDS 2000 with basic functionality

  • Fixed Danfysik communication to handle errors properly

Version 0.1.0 – released 7/15/14

  • Initial release