Generic Instrument Types Mixins

You can use these Mixins as additional parent classes for your instrument. For more informations, see Common instrument types.

class pymeasure.instruments.generic_types.SCPIMixin(*args, **kwargs)

Mixin class for SCPI instruments with the default implementation of base SCPI commands.


Read all errors from the instrument.


List of error entries.


Clear the instrument status byte.

property complete

Get the synchronization bit.

This property allows synchronization between a controller and a device. The Operation Complete query places an ASCII character 1 into the device’s Output Queue when all pending selected device operations have been finished.

property id

Get the identification of the instrument.

property next_error

Get the next error in the queue. If you want to read and log all errors, use check_errors() instead.

property options

Get the device options installed.


Reset the instrument.

property status

Get the status byte and Master Summary Status bit.