Lake Shore Cryogenics

This section contains specific documentation on the Lake Shore Cryogenics instruments that are implemented. If you are interested in an instrument not included, please consider adding the instrument.

LakeShore Channel Classes

Several Lakeshore instruments are channel based and make use of the Channel Interface. For temperature monitoring and controller instruments the following common Channel Classes are utilized:

class pymeasure.instruments.lakeshore.lakeshore_base.LakeShoreTemperatureChannel(parent, id)

Bases: Channel

Temperature input channel on a lakeshore temperature monitor. Reads the temperature in kelvin, celsius, or sensor units. Also provides a method to block the program until a given stable temperature is reached.

property celcius

Access celsius attribute with celcius (sic) property.

Deprecated since version 0.14.0: Use celsius instead.

property celsius

Read the temperature in celsius from a channel.

property kelvin

Read the temperature in kelvin from a channel.

property sensor

Read the temperature in sensor units from a channel.

wait_for_temperature(target, unit='kelvin', accuracy=0.1, interval=1, timeout=360, should_stop=<function LakeShoreTemperatureChannel.<lambda>>)

Blocks the program, waiting for the temperature to reach the target within the accuracy (%), checking this each interval time in seconds.

  • target – Target temperature in kelvin, celsius, or sensor units.

  • unit – ‘kelvin’, ‘celsius’, or ‘sensor’ specifying the unit for queried temperature values.

  • accuracy – An acceptable percentage deviation between the target and temperature.

  • interval – Interval time in seconds between queries.

  • timeout – A timeout in seconds after which an exception is raised

  • should_stop – A function that returns True if waiting should stop, by default this always returns False

class pymeasure.instruments.lakeshore.lakeshore_base.LakeShoreHeaterChannel(parent, id)

Bases: Channel

Heater output channel on a lakeshore temperature controller. Provides properties to query the output power in percent of the max, set the manual output power, heater range, and PID temperature setpoint.

property mout

Manual heater output in percent.

property output

Query the heater output in percent of the max.

property range

String property controlling heater range, which can take the values: off, low, medium, and high.

property setpoint

A floating point property that control the setpoint temperature in the preferred units of the control loop sensor.