Lake Shore 425 Gaussmeter

class pymeasure.instruments.lakeshore.LakeShore425(adapter, name='LakeShore 425 Gaussmeter', **kwargs)

Bases: Instrument

Represents the LakeShore 425 Gaussmeter and provides a high-level interface for interacting with the instrument

To allow user access to the LakeShore 425 Gaussmeter in Linux, create the file: /etc/udev/rules.d/52-lakeshore425.rules, with contents:


Then reload the udev rules with:

sudo udevadm control --reload-rules
sudo udevadm trigger

The device will be accessible through /dev/lakeshore425.


Sets up a measurement of an oscillating (AC) field


Sets the field range to automatically adjust


Sets up a steady-state (DC) measurement of the field

property field

Get the field in the current units

measure(points, has_aborted=<function LakeShore425.<lambda>>, delay=0.001)

Returns the mean and standard deviation of a given number of points while blocking

property mode

Control the mode, filter, and bandwidth settings.

property range

Control the field range in units of Gauss, which can take the values 35, 350, 3500, and 35,000 G. (float)

property unit

Control the units of the instrument, which can take the values of G, T, Oe, or A/m. (str)


Initiates the zero field sequence to calibrate the probe