Andeen Hagerling AH2500A capacitance bridge

class pymeasure.instruments.andeenhagerling.AH2500A(adapter, name=None, timeout=3000, write_termination='\n', read_termination='\n', **kwargs)

Bases: Instrument

Andeen Hagerling 2500A Precision Capacitance Bridge implementation

property caplossvolt

Get the result of a single capacitance, loss measurement and return the values in units of pF and nS. The used measurement voltage is returned as third value.

property config

Get the configuration.


Triggers a new measurement without blocking and waiting for the return value.


reads the measurement value after the device was triggered by the trigger function.

property vhighest

Control maximum RMS value of the used measurement voltage. Values of up to 15 V are allowed. The device will select the best suiting range below the given value.