F.W. Bell 5080 Handheld Gaussmeter

class pymeasure.instruments.fwbell.FWBell5080(port)

Bases: pymeasure.instruments.instrument.Instrument

Represents the F.W. Bell 5080 Handheld Gaussmeter and provides a high-level interface for interacting with the instrument

Parameters:port – The serial port of the instrument
meter = FWBell5080('/dev/ttyUSB0')      # Connects over serial port /dev/ttyUSB0 (Linux)

meter.units = 'gauss'                   # Sets the measurement units to Gauss
meter.range = 3e3                       # Sets the range to 3 kG
print(meter.field)                      # Reads and prints a field measurement in G

fields = meter.fields(100)              # Samples 100 field measurements
print(fields.mean(), fields.std())      # Prints the mean and standard deviation of the samples

Overwrites the Instrument.ask method to remove the last 2 characters from the output.


Enables the auto range functionality.


Reads a floating point value of the field in the appropriate units.


Returns a numpy array of field samples for a given sample number.

Parameters:samples – The number of samples to preform

Reads the idenfitication information.


A floating point property that controls the maximum field range in the active units. This can take the values of 300 G, 3 kG, and 30 kG for Gauss, 30 mT, 300 mT, and 3 T for Tesla, and 23.88 kAm, 238.8 kAm, and 2388 kAm for Amp-meter.


Overwrites the Instrument.read method to remove the last 2 characters from the output.


Resets the instrument.


A string property that controls the field units, which can take the values: ‘gauss’, ‘gauss ac’, ‘tesla’, ‘tesla ac’, ‘amp-meter’, and ‘amp-meter ac’. The AC versions configure the instrument to measure AC.


Overwrites the Instrument.values method to remove the lastv2 characters from the output.