Heidenhain ND287 Position Display Unit

class pymeasure.instruments.heidenhain.ND287(adapter, name='Heidenhain ND287', units='mm', **kwargs)

Bases: Instrument

Represents the Heidenhain ND287 position display unit used to readout and display absolute position measured by Heidenhain encoders.


Method to read an error status message and log when an error is detected.


String with the error message as its contents.

property id

Get the string identification property for the device.

property position

Measure the encoder’s current position (float). Note that the get_process performs a mapping from the returned value to a float measured in the units specified by ND287.units. The get_process is modified dynamically as this mapping changes slightly between different units.(dynamic)

property status

Get the encoder’s status bar

property units

Control the unit of measure set on the device. Valid values are ‘mm’ and ‘inch’ Note that this parameter can only be set manually on the device. So this argument only ensures that the instance units and physical device settings match. I.e., this property does not change any physical device setting.