Support class for HP legacy devices

Currently this implementation is used for the following instruments which do not support SCPI:

  • HP3437A System-Voltmeter

  • HP3478A Digital Multimeter

  • HP6632/33/34A System power supply

class pymeasure.instruments.hp.HPLegacyInstrument(adapter, name='HP legacy instrument', **kwargs)

Bases: Instrument

Class for legacy HP instruments from the era before SPCI, based on pymeasure.Instrument


Initate trigger via low-level GPIB-command (aka GET - group execute trigger)


Initatiates a reset (like a power-on reset) of the HP3478A


provides a way to gracefully close the connection to the HP3478A

property status

Get an object representing the current status of the unit.


alias of StatusBitsBase

values(command, **kwargs)

Write a command to the instrument and return a list of formatted values from the result.

  • command – SCPI command to be sent to the instrument.

  • preprocess_reply – Optional callable used to preprocess the string received from the instrument, before splitting it. The callable returns the processed string.

  • separator – A separator character to split the string returned by the device into a list.

  • maxsplit – The string returned by the device is splitted at most maxsplit times. -1 (default) indicates no limit.

  • cast – A type to cast each element of the splitted string.

  • **kwargs – Keyword arguments to be passed to the ask() method.


A list of the desired type, or strings where the casting fails.


Write a string command to the instrument appending write_termination.

  • command – command string to be sent to the instrument

  • kwargs – Keyword arguments for the adapter.