Keysight N5776C Power Supply

class pymeasure.instruments.keysight.KeysightN7776C(adapter, name='N7776C Tunable Laser Source', **kwargs)

Bases: SCPIUnknownMixin, Instrument

This represents the Keysight N7776C Tunable Laser Source interface.

laser = N7776C(address)
laser.sweep_wl_start = 1550
laser.sweep_wl_stop = 1560
laser.sweep_speed = 1
laser.sweep_mode = 'CONT'
laser.output_enabled = 1
while laser.sweep_state == 1:'Sweep in progress.')
laser.output_enabled = 0

Fully closes the connection to the instrument through the adapter connection.


Function returning the wavelength data logged in the internal memory of the laser

property locked

Control the lock state (True/False) of the laser source. (bool)


Performs the next sweep step in stepped sweep if it is paused or in manual mode.

property output_enabled

Control the state (on/off) of the laser source (bool)

property output_power_dBm

Control the output power in dBm.

property output_power_mW

Control the output power in mW


Performs one sweep step backwards in stepped sweep if its paused or in manual mode.

property sweep_mode

Control sweep mode of the swept laser source

property sweep_points

Get the number of datapoints that the :READout:DATA? command will return.

property sweep_speed

Control speed of the sweep (in nanometers per second).

property sweep_state

Control state of the wavelength sweep. Stops, starts, pauses or continues a wavelength sweep. Possible state values are 0 (not running), 1 (running) and 2 (paused). Refer to the N7776C user manual for exact usage of the paused option.

property sweep_step

Control step width of the sweep (in nanometers).

property sweep_twoway

Control the repeat mode. Applies in stepped,continuous and manual sweep mode.

property sweep_wl_start

Control Start Wavelength (in nanometers) for a sweep.

property sweep_wl_stop

Control End Wavelength (in nanometers) for a sweep.

property trigger_in

Control the incoming trigger response and arm the module.

property trigger_out

Control if and at which point in a sweep cycle an output trigger is generated and arms the module.

property wavelength

Control absolute wavelength of the output light (in nanometers)

property wl_logging

Control State (on/off) of the lambda logging feature of the laser source.