Novanta FPU60 laser power supply unit

class pymeasure.instruments.novanta.Fpu60(adapter, name='Laserquantum fpu60 power supply unit', **kwargs)

Bases: Instrument

Represents a fpu60 power supply unit for the finesse laser series by Laserquantum, a Novanta company.

The instrument responds to every command sent.


Check for errors after having set a property and log them.

Called if check_set_errors=True is set for that property.


List of error entries.

property current

Measure the diode current in percent (float).


Disable emission and unlock the button afterwards.

You have to press the physical button to enable emission again.

property emission_enabled

Measure the emission status (bool).


Get the operation times in minutes as a dictionary.

property head_temperature

Measure the laser head temperature in °C (float).

property interlock_enabled

Get the interlock enabled status (bool).

property power

Measure current output power in Watts (float).

property power_setpoint

Control the output power setpoint in Watts (float).

property psu_temperature

Measure the power supply unit temperature in °C (float).

property serial_number

Get the serial number (str).

property shutter_open

Control whether the shutter is open (bool).

property software_version

Get the software version (str).