Parker GV6 Servo Motor Controller

class pymeasure.instruments.parker.ParkerGV6(adapter, name='Parker GV6 Motor Controller', **kwargs)

Bases: SCPIUnknownMixin, Instrument

Represents the Parker Gemini GV6 Servo Motor Controller and provides a high-level interface for interacting with the instrument

property angle

Returns the angle in degrees based on the position and whether relative or absolute positioning is enabled, returning None on error

property angle_error

Returns the angle error in degrees based on the position error, or returns None on error


Disables the motor from moving


Enables the motor to move


Returns True if the motor is currently moving


Stops the motor


Initiates the motor to move to the setpoint

property position

Returns an integer number of counts that correspond to the angular position where 1 revolution equals 4000 counts

property position_error

Returns the error in the number of counts that corresponds to the error in the angular position where 1 revolution equals 4000 counts


Overwrites the command to provide the correct functionality


Resets the motor controller while blocking and (CAUTION) resets the absolute position value of the motor


Sets up the default values for the motor, which is run upon construction

set_hardware_limits(positive=True, negative=True)

Enables (True) or disables (False) the hardware limits for the motor

set_software_limits(positive, negative)

Sets the software limits for motion based on the count unit where 4000 counts is 1 revolution

property status

Returns a list of the motor status in readable format


Stops the motor during movement


Sets the motor to accept setpoints from an absolute zero position


Sets the motor to accept setpoints that are relative to the last position