AFG3152C Arbitrary function generator

class pymeasure.instruments.tektronix.AFG3152C(adapter, name='Tektronix AFG3152C arbitrary function generator', **kwargs)

Bases: SCPIUnknownMixin, Instrument

Represents the Tektronix AFG 3000 series (one or two channels) arbitrary function generator and provides a high-level for interacting with the instrument.

afg=AFG3152C("GPIB::1")        # AFG on GPIB 1
afg.reset()                    # Reset to default
afg.ch1.shape='sinusoidal'     # Sinusoidal shape
afg.ch1.unit='VPP'             # Sets CH1 unit to VPP
afg.ch1.amp_vpp=1              # Sets the CH1 level to 1 VPP
afg.ch1.frequency=1e3          # Sets the CH1 frequency to 1KHz
afg.ch1.enable()               # Enables the output from CH1