Temptronic ATS545 Thermostream

class pymeasure.instruments.temptronic.ATS545(adapter, name='Temptronic ATS-545 Thermostream', **kwargs)

Bases: ATSBase

Represents the TemptronicATS545 instrument.

Coding example

ts = ATS545('ASRL3::INSTR')  # replace adapter address
ts.configure()  # basic configuration (defaults to T-DUT)
ts.start()  # starts flow (head position not changed)
ts.set_temperature(25)  # sets temperature to 25 degC
ts.wait_for_settling()  # blocks script execution and polls for settling
ts.shutdown(head=False)  # disables thermostream, keeps head down

not implemented in ATS545

set self.set_point_number instead