HCP TC038 crystal oven

class pymeasure.instruments.hcp.TC038(adapter, name='TC038', address=1, timeout=1000, **kwargs)

Bases: Instrument

Communication with the HCP TC038 oven.

This is the older version with an AC power supply and AC heater.

It has parity or framing errors from time to time. Handle them in your application.

The oven always responds with an “OK” to all valid requests or commands.

  • adapter (str) – Name of the COM-Port.

  • address (int) – Address of the device. Should be between 1 and 99.

  • timeout (int) – Timeout in ms.


Check for errors after having set a property.

Called if check_set_errors=True is set for that property.

property information

Get the information about the device and its capabilities.

property monitored_value

Measure the currently monitored value. For default it is the current temperature in °C.


Do error checking on reading.


Configure the oven to monitor a certain quantity.

quantity may be any key of registers. Default is the current temperature in °C.

property setpoint

Control the setpoint of the temperature controller in °C.

property temperature

Measure the current temperature in °C.


Send a command in its own protocol.