HCP TC038D crystal oven

class pymeasure.instruments.hcp.TC038D(adapter, name='TC038D', address=1, timeout=1000, **kwargs)

Bases: Instrument

Communication with the HCP TC038D oven.

This is the newer version with DC heating.

The oven expects raw bytes written, no ascii code, and sends raw bytes. For the variables are two or four-byte modes available. We use the four-byte mode addresses. In that case element count has to be double the variables read.


Check for errors after having set a property.

Called if check_set_errors=True is set for that property.


Test the connection sending an integer up to 65535, checks the response.


Read response and interpret the number, returning it as a string.

property setpoint

Control the setpoint of the oven in °C.

property temperature

Measure the current oven temperature in °C.


Write a command to the device.


command (str) – comma separated string of: - the function: read (‘R’) or write (‘W’) or ‘echo’, - the address to write to (e.g. ‘0x106’ or ‘262’), - the values (comma separated) to write - or the number of elements to read (defaults to 1).