MKS Instruments 974B Vacuum Pressure Transducer

class pymeasure.instruments.mksinst.mks974b.MKS974B(adapter, name='MKS 974B vacuum pressure transducer', address=253, **kwargs)

Bases: MKSInstrument

MKS 974B vacuum pressure transducer

Connection to the device is made through an RS232/RS485 serial connection.

The 974B pressure transducer is a pressure gauge combining a cold cathode ionization current measurement, a Pirani sensor, and a Piezo sensor to cover a large pressure range. It optionally includes up to three mechanical relays which can be energized based on the measured pressure value.

  • adapter – pyvisa resource name of the instrument or adapter instance

  • name (string) – The name of the instrument.

  • address – device address included in every message to the instrument (default=253)

  • kwargs – Any valid key-word argument for Instrument







property coldcathode_pressure

Get Cold Cathode sensor pressure

property device_type

Get the device type

property firmware_version

Get the firmware version of the instrument

property hardware_version

Get the hardware version of the instrument


Get the identification of the instrument.

property manufacturer

Get the manufacturer name

property model

Get the transducer model number

property operation_hours

Get the operation hours of the instrument

property part_number

Get the transducer part number

property piezo_pressure

Get Piezo differential sensor pressure

property pirani_pressure

Get MicroPirani sensor pressure

property pressure

Get combined pressure reading

property serial_number

Get the serial number of the instrument

property status

Get transducer status

property switch_enabled

Control the user switch to prevent accidental execution of adjustments

property temperature

Get the MicroPirani sensor temperature

property unit

Control pressure unit used for all pressure readings from the instrument.

Allowed units are Unit.Torr, Unit.mbar, Unit.Pa.

property user_tag

Control the user programmable tag

class pymeasure.instruments.mksinst.mks974b.Relay(parent, id)

Bases: RelayChannel

property enabled

Control the assigned input channel or disable the setpoint relay.