MKS Instruments Abstract Instrument

class pymeasure.instruments.mksinst.mksinst.MKSInstrument(adapter, name='MKS Instrument', address=253, **kwargs)

Bases: Instrument

Abstract MKS Instrument

Connection to the device is made through an RS232/RS485 serial connection. The communication protocol of these devices is as follows:

Query: ‘@<aaa><Command>?;FF’ with the response ‘@<aaa>ACK<Response>;FF’ Set command: ‘@<aaa><Command>!<parameter>;FF’ with the response ‘@<aaa>ACK<Response>;FF’ Above <aaa> is an address from 001 to 254 which can be specified upon initialization. Since ‘;FF’ is not supported by pyvisa as terminator this class overloads the device communication methods.

  • adapter – pyvisa resource name of the instrument or adapter instance

  • name (string) – The name of the instrument.

  • address – device address included in every message to the instrument (default=253)

  • kwargs – Any valid key-word argument for Instrument


Check reply string for acknowledgement string.


Reads from the instrument including the correct termination characters


Write to the instrument including the device address.


command – command string to be sent to the instrument

class pymeasure.instruments.mksinst.mksinst.RelayChannel(parent, id)

Bases: Channel

Settings of the optionally included setpoint relay.

The relay is energized either below or above the setpoint depending on the ‘direction’ property. The relay is de-energized when the reset value is crossed in the opposite direction.

Note that device by default uses an auto hysteresis setting of 10% of the setpoint value that overwrites the current reset value whenever the setpoint value or direction is changed. If other hysteresis value than 10% is required, first set the setpoint value and direction before setting the reset value.

property direction

Control the switching direction

property resetpoint

Control the relay switch off value

property setpoint

Control the relay switch setpoint

property status

Get the setpoint relay status