Agilent 4284A LCR Meter

class pymeasure.instruments.agilent.Agilent4284A(adapter, name='Agilent 4284A LCR meter', **kwargs)

Bases: SCPIMixin, Instrument

Represents the Agilent 4284A precision LCR meter.

agilent = Agilent4284A("GPIB::1::INSTR")

agilent.reset()                         # Return instrument settings to default
agilent.frequency = 10e3                # Set frequency to 10 kHz
agilent.voltage = 0.02                  # Set AC voltage to 20 mV
agilent.mode = 'ZTR'                    # Set impedance mode to measure
                                          impedance magnitude [Ohm] and phase
    'frequency', [1e4, 1e3, 100]        # Perform frequency sweep measurement
)                                       # at 10 kHz, 1 kHz, and 100 Hz
agilent.enable_high_power()             # Enable upper current, voltage, and
                                          bias limits, if properly configured.
property ac_current

Control AC current level in Amps. Valid range is 50 uA to 20 mA for default, 50 uA to 200 mA in high-power mode.(dynamic)

property ac_voltage

Control AC voltage level in Volts. Range is 5 mV to 2 V for default, 5 mV to 20 V in high-power mode.(dynamic)

property auto_range_enabled

Control whether the impedance auto range is enabled.

property bias_current

Control the DC bias current in Amps. Requires Option 001 (power amplifier / DC bias) to be installed. Maximum is 100 mA.(dynamic)

property bias_enabled

Control whether DC bias is enabled.

property bias_voltage

Control the DC bias voltage in Volts. Maximum is 2 V by default, 40 V in high-power mode.(dynamic)

property frequency

Control AC frequency in Hertz, from 20 Hz to 1 MHz.

property high_power_enabled

Control whether high power mode is enabled. Enabling requires option 001 (power amplifier / DC bias) to be installed.

property impedance_mode

Control impedance measurement function.

  • CPD: Parallel capacitance [F] and dissipation factor [number]

  • CPQ: Parallel capacitance [F] and quality factor [number]

  • CPG: Parallel capacitance [F] and parallel conductance [S]

  • CPRP: Parallel capacitance [F] and parallel resistance [Ohm]

  • CSD: Series capacitance [F] and dissipation factor [number]

  • CSQ: Series capacitance [F] and quality factor [number]

  • CSRS: Series capacitance [F] and series resistance [Ohm]

  • LPQ: Parallel inductance [H] and quality factor [number]

  • LPD: Parallel inductance [H] and dissipation factor [number]

  • LPG: Parallel inductance [H] and parallel conductance [S]

  • LPRP: Parallel inductance [H] and parallel resistance [Ohm]

  • LSD: Series inductance [H] and dissipation factor [number]

  • LSQ: Seriesinductance [H] and quality factor [number]

  • LSRS: Series inductance [H] and series resistance [Ohm]

  • RX: Resistance [Ohm] and reactance [Ohm]

  • ZTD: Impedance, magnitude [Ohm] and phase [deg]

  • ZTR: Impedance, magnitude [Ohm] and phase [rad]

  • GB: Conductance [S] and susceptance [S]

  • YTD: Admittance, magnitude [Ohm] and phase [deg]

  • YTR: Admittance magnitude [Ohm] and phase [rad]

property impedance_range

Control the impedance measurement range. The 4284A will select an appropriate measurement range for the setting value.

sweep_measurement(sweep_mode, sweep_values)

Run list sweep measurement using sequential trigger.

  • sweep_mode (str) – parameter to sweep across. Must be one of frequency, voltage, current, bias_voltage, or bias_current.

  • sweep_values – list of parameter values to sweep across.


values as configured with impedance_mode and list of sweep parameters in format ([val A], [val B], [sweep_values])


Execute a bus trigger, regardless of trigger state. Can be used when trigger_source is set to BUS. Returns result of triggered measurement.

property trigger_continuous_enabled

Control whether trigger state automatically returns to WAIT FOR TRIGGER after measurement.

property trigger_delay

Control trigger delay in seconds. Valid range is 0 to 60, with 1 ms resolution.


Execute a bus trigger, regardless of trigger state. Can be used when trigger_source is set to BUS. Measurement result must be retrieved with FETCH? command.


Change the trigger state from IDLE to WAIT FOR TRIGGER for one trigger sequence.

property trigger_source

Control trigger mode. Valid options are INT, EXT, BUS, or HOLD.