Agilent E4980 LCR Meter

class pymeasure.instruments.agilent.AgilentE4980(adapter, **kwargs)

Bases: pymeasure.instruments.instrument.Instrument

Represents LCR meter E4980A/AL


AC current level, in Amps


AC voltage level, in Volts

aperture(time=None, averages=1)

Set and get aperture.

  • time – integration time as string: SHORT, MED, LONG (case insensitive); if None, get values
  • averages – number of averages, numeric
freq_sweep(freq_list, return_freq=False)

Run frequency list sweep using sequential trigger.

  • freq_list – list of frequencies
  • return_freq – if True, returns the frequencies read from the instrument

Returns values as configured with mode


AC frequency (range depending on model), in Hertz


Measured data A and B, according to mode


Select quantities to be measured:

  • CPD: Parallel capacitance [F] and dissipation factor [number]
  • CPQ: Parallel capacitance [F] and quality factor [number]
  • CPG: Parallel capacitance [F] and parallel conductance [S]
  • CPRP: Parallel capacitance [F] and parallel resistance [Ohm]
  • CSD: Series capacitance [F] and dissipation factor [number]
  • CSQ: Series capacitance [F] and quality factor [number]
  • CSRS: Series capacitance [F] and series resistance [Ohm]
  • LPD: Parallel inductance [H] and dissipation factor [number]
  • LPQ: Parallel inductance [H] and quality factor [number]
  • LPG: Parallel inductance [H] and parallel conductance [S]
  • LPRP: Parallel inductance [H] and parallel resistance [Ohm]
  • LSD: Series inductance [H] and dissipation factor [number]
  • LSQ: Seriesinductance [H] and quality factor [number]
  • LSRS: Series inductance [H] and series resistance [Ohm]
  • RX: Resitance [Ohm] and reactance [Ohm]
  • ZTD: Impedance, magnitude [Ohm] and phase [deg]
  • ZTR: Impedance, magnitude [Ohm] and phase [rad]
  • GB: Conductance [S] and susceptance [S]
  • YTD: Admittance, magnitude [Ohm] and phase [deg]
  • YTR: Admittance magnitude [Ohm] and phase [rad]
Select trigger source; accept the values:
  • HOLD: manual
  • INT: internal
  • BUS: external bus (GPIB/LAN/USB)
  • EXT: external connector